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Dr. Joel Adams

Located in:

Physicians' Clinic

200 S Main St. Building B

Russell, Kansas



Appointments available during clinic hours.

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Dr. Joel Adams


Dr. Adams is married with five wonderful children. Due to sales and medical education, The Adams family has lived in several places in the US, however, they are thrilled to be in Russell! 

Dr. Adams grew up in a large Christian family In Portland Oregon. His parents taught him how to love God, the outdoors, and gardening which he continues to enjoy with his wife and kids. Dr. Adams's wife is from Canada and is currently a stay-at-home mom. She enjoys her hobby of decorating and landscaping since coming to Russell and feels at home because she grew up in a very similar rural community in Canada.

The Adams kids love playing with bugs, frogs, snakes, and any other critters. They have three dogs including the sweetest pitbull ever, a goofy Chihuahua, and an adorable French bulldog puppy.

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