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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) went into law in 1996. HIPAA is broken down into two Titles.

  • Title I: Health Care Access, Portability, and Renewability.

  • Title II: Preventing Health Care Fraud and Abuse; Administrative Simplification; Medical Liability Reform.

Title I deals with limiting restrictions that group health care plans have on preexisting conditions. It also deals with the protection of insurance coverage when a worker loses or changes his or her job.

Title II covers the protection of an individual's Medical History along with controlling fraud and abuse of the Health Care System. The Privacy Rule covers the protection of an individual's Medical History and Medical Payment History. This is called Protected Health Information (PHI). The Security Rule is in place to provide safeguards to make sure your Electronic Personal Health Information (EPHI) stays protected.

How does HIPAA affect me, as a Patient, at Russell Regional Hospital?

Whether you are an inpatient or outpatient. HIPAA laws are in effect. These are just a few of the items that HIPAA protects:

  • Health information from doctor visits, tests, procedures, and diagnosis

  • Mental health information such as therapy and counseling

  • Health information that is printed, spoken or transmitted electronically

  • Any information that is required by the billing office to properly charge for the service(s) provided

With whom does my healthcare provider have the right to share my PHI?

Here is a list of who has a right to your Personal Health Information:

  • Other healthcare professionals assisting with your care

  • With individuals who are involved with coordinating additional healthcare services

  • Reporting any information that affects public health such as infectious diseases

  • With any friend(s) or family member(s) that "you" deem acceptable

  • Your medical records may be shared with any medical office(s) for whom you have signed a release form

Where can I learn more about HIPPA?

List of HIPPA Compliance forms

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