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Doctor and Patient

Billing Information

Billing Procedures

To better understand our billing procedures, we have included some helpful information for your review.

  • Statements are sent out weekly in four cycles. A statement will print for account balances every 28 days. If you receive more than one statement and would like to combine your accounts into one, contact the Business Office.

  • If your insurance company requires prior authorization for outpatient testing or treatment, it is your responsibility to inform us so that we are able to help you obtain this authorization.

  • If your services are a result of a personal accident, an accident at work, or involves a vehicle, please let the registration clerk know at the time you register so that your insurance claim can be processed correctly.

  • You may also receive statements for services rendered by some of the physicians affiliated with this facility. Please contact those offices directly if you have any questions about their statements.

  • Patient Account Representatives are available for questions Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

  • RRH Refund Policy

  • RRH Payment Privacy Statement

  • RRH Financial Assistance Policy

  • RRH Financial Assistance Policy Summary

  • RRH Financial Assistance Application

Price Transparency

Russell Regional Hospital is a Price Transparency Hospital. Please contact the Business Office at 785-483-3131 and ask for the Business Office Director if you are needing pricing information.


Medicare has established policies for coverage exclusions and medical necessity guidelines for some services and supplies.

  • Medicare will not pay for self-administrable drugs administered in the Emergency Room or any outpatient setting of the hospital. This includes Observation stays on Second Floor.

  • Medicare has also established limits to certain tests, including laboratory, radiology, injections, and a few surgeries. We are required by law to submit claims for these tests using the diagnosis given to us by your physician. If you receive any service that is covered under a medical necessity policy, you will be asked to sign an ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice).

  • Medicare has tightened its payment policies for ambulance transfers. Medicare will only pay for transport to the closest appropriate facility. They will not pay for a transfer back to Russell Regional Hospital from a larger hospital.

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