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Russell Regional Hospital Seeks to Renew


March 29, 2024

Russell Regional Hospital Seeks to Renew

Though November 5th may seem far into the distance, it’s important to know what’s on the election ballot and why it matters. Every 5 years, Russell Regional Hospital seeks to renew the ½ cent sales tax for hospital infrastructure and general operations. This November, Russell Regional Hospital will again seek to renew the ½ cent sales tax. The sales tax benefits each department at RRH and is vital to the daily operations of having local health care available. Sales tax is unlike property tax in meaning that it is many times thought of as the “fairest tax” as it applies to one and all. Residents, tourists, visitors, each pay for the sales tax when purchasing anything from a soda, home, vehicle, hotel room, fuel, etc. The location of Russell County having I-70 run through part of the county also is an opportunity for the local residents and businesses to benefit from that visitor traffic and sales tax.

Russell Regional Hospital is one of the largest employers in the county. According to The Importance of the Health Care Sector to the Russell County Economy Countywide Report that was released in October of 2023, RRH employment, services and efforts result in a large positive economic impact in Russell County. In Russell County, 279-358 jobs are due to the health care industry. This results in $14.8 million to 16.9 million in labor income within the county. Due to the health care industry an average of $109,800 in local sales tax is generated within the county. RRH employee impact to the sales tax generated is 28.33% of their income that impacts taxable goods and services locally. In addition to providing jobs and income, the health sector provides substantial economic development benefits. A quality health sector improves the well-being of the population which in turn, improves business productivity, retention, and attraction. The annual report is prepared by the Institute for Policy & Social Research for KU and the full report can be viewed at

As we move closer to election day additional information will be available. Citizens are encouraged to vote yes to renew the ½ cent sales tax for Russell Regional Hospital. A vote for local health care, local jobs, and local care. Please feel free to reach out to RRH administration for any comments or questions by calling 785-483-3131.

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