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Doing Business in New Ways


April 30, 2024

Doing Business in New Ways

Russell Regional Hospital (RRH) and Russell County Area Community Foundation (RCACF) have united efforts to maintain local dental services. Through collaboration and planning both entities reached an agreement that allows Russell Regional Hospital to manage dentistry services in part through a $100,000 grant from the foundation. Dr. Michael Jones, DDS, who owned and managed the dentistry practice and recently retired, will continue in a part-time capacity while RRH recruits a new dental provider to the Russell area. 

Angie Muller, RCACF Executive Director, commented, “The community foundation is committed to the sustainment and growth of Russell County. The continuity of dental services is important to the communities we serve and vital to our county’s economic development and public health. We look forward to partnering with RRH to maintain dental services locally. Funding for this project is provided through a $100,000 SPARC grant (Strategic Partnership for the Advancement of Russell County).” 

Russell Regional Hospital will own and manage the dentistry service. RRH CEO, David Caudill, shared, “We have many sectors of the business to dissect in regard to billing, legal, staffing and recruitment. I appreciate the willingness of RCACF and the RRH management and county board(s) to work together and we look forward to continued cooperation. We have a lot of background work to do but once complete we will inform the public of next steps. The health of our community and the economic vitality of the region is important for all of us.” 

Thank you to Dr. Jones for working with RCACF and RRH to assist during this transition and process. We appreciate the number of years Dr. Jones has cared for our community. As additional details are ready, more information will be disclosed. We appreciate the public’s patience as we navigate this process.

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