Participation in regular physical activity is an important way to reduce the risk of a variety of degenerative diseases. Current evidence clearly indicates that participation in a regular exercise program is an effective way to reduce and/or prevent a number of the functional declines associated with aging.

Aerobic/endurance training can help to maintain and improve various aspects of heart and lung function and cardiac output, and such exercise can enhance endurance. Strength/resistance training will help offset a loss in muscle mass and strength thereby improving functional capacity. Also important, reduction in risk factors associated with disease (heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and so on) will improve health status and contribute to an increase in lifespan. Together, these training adaptations greatly improve functional capacity, therefore improving quality of life and extending independent living.

The Intermediate Fitness program is a guided fitness program appropriate for individuals of varying ages and fitness levels. Staff will work collaboratively with participants to develop a program that will assist them in meeting their health and fitness goals. Participants can choose to participate at a frequency of either 2 or 3 times per week.