A Computerized Tomography scan, commonly called CT or CAT scan, produces detailed two-dimensional or 3-D pictures or a person's body using a combination of special x-ray machine and a computer.

More complex than the traditional x-ray exam, which uses a stationary machine to focus on a particular body part, CT scans use an x-ray generating device that rotates around the body, creating multiple images. The images are sent to a very powerful computer to create cross-sectional images, like slices of bread that show anatomy inside the patient's body.

Physicians commonly request CT scans to help diagnose muscle and bone disorders, such as soft tissue injures and fractures; pinpoint the location of tumors, infections or blood clots; guide procedures, detect internal injuries and internal bleeding; and detect and monitor diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Why Choose Russell Regional Hospital for your Radiology Exams?

In addition to the experienced radiologists and physicians on staff in our Radiology Department, we employ the most advanced technologies available to patients in need of a CT Scan. Our scanner is a Philips Ingenuity 128 slice low dose CT scanner. We are able to do 3D reconstruction as well as CTA's and all general scans. The 128 slice scanner means a faster exam time and better image quality with less radiation.


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